Wax on Wax off, rub, rub, rub

I have this stone top table patio set I purchased about five years ago – fell in love with it and had to have it. The beauty of the stone was the biggest draw for me, plus the surface, being smooth and all, made it so much easier to entertain outdoors.
There was a drawback, either I kept the massive table cover on it (it went over the chairs too) and take it off each time we were outdoors, which is EVERYDAY, or suffer the consequences of weather and sun. I chose to suffer. Eventually the beauty was gone and the cracks started forming.
So each day starting in spring and throughout the summer I would apply lemon oil to the table. Really is a pain in the butt to do daily, although very worth the extra effort.
I head out once again to clean off the table and get it all pretty for our gatherings and everyday enjoyment. I found something curious about the table. I remember seeing it last summer after the Fourth of July, where candles inside lanterns had melted on the table.
Hmmm….the table still faded, but after eight month of hot summer and harsh winter, the area where the candle wax melted into stone was beautiful!
My “AHA” moment. I still applied the lemon oil, but then melted some old candles to use on the table. Wax on, wax off, rub, rub, rub, then squeegy the rest for a nice smooth finish.
Look how beautiful it came out! What do you think?
Happy cleaning!

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