Hurricane Lamp

Well, now that the power is restored, I can finish this post!  This weekend, I was supposed to be back in my hometown, having lunch with my sister and nieces and getting ready for my high school reunion.  I cancelled the trip so I could spend time with Irene.  Not by choice of course.  If I had taken the trip, with  the way my imagination runs,  the hurricane would have demolished my home, leaving  me feeling guilty about leaving my family behind.  Instead, I stayed to ride out the storm with everyone.

Of course, Irene wasn’t as bad  as predicted.  In fact, it was anti-climatic.   We lost a tree and had a mess to clean up, lost power for almost three days,  but in light of what could have happened, we were very fortunate.

Anyways, so what does one do when I have a day of nothing planned?  I could have painted a closet, worked on a guest room, or just watched the weather channel all day.  Instead, I decided to work on a lamp a friend gave to me to play with and see what kind of fun I could have.


Here’s the lamp.  I guess you would call it a tobacco jar lamp, or a ginger jar lamp.  I’m gonna call it a hurricane lamp since I worked on it before the hurricane blew the  lights out.

a tobacco jar lamp

I wasn’t sure how I would make it look different aside from just spray painting it another color.   I knew I wanted it to have an aged effect, and I want it to coordinate with a room I will be re-doing for my friend,  so I picked up a bunch of different things from the local arts and crafts store and ordered some Tatouage.     I’ve not played with Tatouage before, but found it while I was looking for ceramic transfers.   I am now a big fan of Tatouage.  After toweling the lamp with brown acryllic, I added the leaves…

“painted” leaves

After applying the “painted on” leaves, I liked the effect, but wanted to give the lamp a little more character

adding an aged effect

can’t forget the base 🙂

I’m a blender when it comes to paint finishes – can’t just have one color.  Below are the materials I worked with on this little project – including the used papertowels – a simple way to add some texture.

the materials

and finally – the finished lamp!  It’s not staying here, so I may just have to go thrifting for a lamp just for me 😉

a “new” old lamp

What do you think?  How have you repurposed a lamp before?   Check back in and I’ll show you what I’ve done with some branches which blew off a tree 😉

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