about those shoes…

My 15-year-old  son has a thing for shoes.  I don’t know where he gets it (really, not from me 😉 ) but he seems to be obsessed with shoe releases and keeping up with who has what on their feet.  I guess it’s a thing I won’t understand, but he is a great kid, does well in school and has a great big heart that makes him one of those kids the we all  love.    When he told me he wanted to paint his room black, it was a big “What?!?   No way, the room was already dark and near depressing  from when his brother was the owner.  Then he showed me photos of what inspired his desire.

the inspiration

I knew it would take a bit to move things out, get supplies and do the room in a way we both would be happy, so we spent this past week working on it.   Here’s what it looked like before.

formally known as the Colonial Forge/Big brother's room

And here is what it looks like now

Jumpman man




more shoes


aaaand more shoes


I may just leave it black and white, after all, in a few years when Alex has his own home to play with, I may just do something like this:

McCroskey Interiors


Anyways, Alex loved it so much, this was my thank you … this and lots of help!


Dear Mom, Thank you so much for redoing my room! I love it! It is very awesome and I can't wait to show my friends. love, Alex

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