What is a rendering?

There is a service we offer to help clients visualize changes in their home or workplace which really helps to  make the decision process easier.  It takes me a few days or weeks (depending on what is required) to do renderings.  I wanted to show you what renderings can look like and when I recommend doing a rendering, help you understand what you can expect.

Sometimes it’s as simple as “painting” and “decorating.”

current layout



Foot and Ankle Center before


the rendering



 Sometimes it requires space planning

Craft room before
the floorplan

Sometimes it requires layouts for tilework

bath before
the design

 And sometimes it is very involved, especially when presenting the concept to a group of decision-makers and  working with subcontractors

Marine Corps Association before
the rendering
design board

So, whether you are remodeling or creating a great workplace, renderings are a great way to see the possibilities.   There are costs involved with renderings, ours start at $50 per sheet/set – a great investment if you’re looking for DIY ideas and resources or want to work with your own contractor.

If you’re looking for ideas and live far away, you can request “virtual makeovers” by sending an email to info@simplybeautifulspaces.com

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