eat. pray. work.

 I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but we are still here  🙂


The last six weeks have been crazy busy, not only are we still doing great work for great clients, but we’ve FINALLY found a perfect spot in Stafford for our new design studio and shop.     After five years of a growing business which was overwhelming my own home, I finally found the perfect space.  So for all those folks who drive to my home only to find me in curlers and a robe, you’ll now have a place to visit – and be inspired.   It’s not open yet, as we are super-duper busy doing renovations, getting all the necessary services installed, purchasing some really cool stuff from around the country .    Once we are open, we will be posting specials and giveaways on our Facebook page, so if you haven’t already “liked” our page, please do so!  Simply Beautiful Spaces  

me – the day I got the keys!

This post will be a montage of most of the work we’ve done in the last couple of  months.  Don’t worry, it will be mostly pictures and not so many words  😉   In between redesign projects and renovations,  I did some renderings for upcoming projects.  I find doing these renderings help the clients see what’s inside my head.  Here are some sneak peeks.

Tammy’s sunroom now


Tammy’s rendering – a few proposed ideas for the sunroom



Faye’s living room now


Proposed ideas for Faye’s family room

And here are some photos of projects we’ve completed.  First is the upcycling of an old table and chairs.

Sue’s table before


poor old chair 🙁


stenciling the canvas

My first idea for the chairs


Sue's table during

The table and chairs – Take 1

 They were nice, but, I wasn’t IN LOVE with them.  I wanted the chairs to coordinate a bit more with the owner’s kitchen.

Sue’s table after – the final upcycling 🙂


Not only did we upcycle Sue’s table, but we redesigned her home as well.   Here are some before and after photos


Sue’s family room after


Sue’s family room before


Sue’s family room after


Sue’s living room before


Sue's living room after


Sue’s dining room before


Sue’s dining room after


Sue’s crystal vase becomes the centerpiece


We also had a very similar home 60 miles away – fun project!


centerpiece made for Margaret



Margaret’s family room before

Margaret’s family room after


Margaret’s Living room before


Margaret’s living room after

foyer before

Foyer after

These are some of my favorite redesigns – mainly because it was one of our “interns”  first project – I tossed her right in to the fray – letting her select the paint colors, accessories, and pulling the final designs all together – by herself!  I think she did awesome!

powder room before


Powder room after – new light fixture and mirror


powder room after


girl’s bath before


Girl’s bath after


porch before


porch after

Hope you enjoy !


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