Crowning Glory

This week we had the opportunity to work for a Retired Brigadier General; highly decorated, incredibly successful, and knows what she wants.   To meet her, you would get to know her as a tremendously sweet and loveable lady.   To know she was the first black woman to acheive the rank of General is an inspiration in itself, but we were inspired by her.   Our duty was to transform Julia’s office into a guest suite/office.   She already had a pull-out twin sofa, but it was not exactly what she wanted guests to sleep on.  We went through some iterations of ideas and decided a daybed would be best suited for the size and function of the room.

Here is the room before:

office before


desk area before

By removing the twin sleeper sofa, we used the space to create her desk area.


desk area after and a new chandelier

For the guest bed area – Julia wanted a bed crown – first, those things were not easy to find, but once I found them, I actually purchased two.  One from Horchow – it was beautiful, but WAY smaller than it looked online, then I found another one – bigger, but it needed  embellishing with some gold leaf.

Here is the area for the guest bed before:


…and after:


The bedding is from Eastern Accents – a new BEAUTIFUL asian inspired bedding called Minori.  And for the bed crown – it was gilded to coordinate with the chandelier I made.   The custom made panels fit perfectly in the crown and drape nicely on either side of the daybed.



love these pillows!


so welcoming

 In addition to this room, we worked on creating a family photo gallery for Julia, she was inspired by a collage I created for her friend, Jackie.





Thank you General Julia, you are a wonderful lady to have met and worked with!



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