Getting ready for the Fall

It’s  Back-To-School time, and for me, it signals the end of summer and a tendency to want to decorate for Fall, even though it’s still hot outside.    Maybe it’s the yearning for all things fall-tacular and the impatience for cooler temperatures, sitting outdoors by a fire, and sweaters.    Of course, for the kids, it’s the waiting for the next big holiday – Halloween.   I admit, I still get a thrill out of Halloween – mostly brought on when I watch Hocus Pocus, but also knowing the fun I have with the decorations.     This year will be a challenge – we host a Halloween Party each year and now that I have my own shop – I’ll be doing double-decorating-duty.    The thought kind of freaks me out.   But it’s okay – one creative inspiration after another and hopefully we’ll be there – even though some of our stuff is already gone from early bird-buyers (LOVE IT!)

Sometimes I find great stuff and can just put it out on the shelves for purchase.  Sometimes I get some product that comes in and isn’t what I had hoped for.    All it does is make me find a way to make it better.  Say – like this little feller and his friends:


pumpkin before

It looked like a pumpkin you could get almost anywhere and I initially wanted to create a cool vignette with a bunch o pumkins and stuff.   But when it came in, it didn’t look quite so …nice.   So instead of sending it back, I thought of different ways to make them unique.   Some we covered in tissue paper, other’s we painted.   Since I plan on carrying the Eco-Friendly line of chalk paints and finishes created by Ce Ce Caldwell, what better way to experiment with it than to paint a styrofoam pumpkin?   So we did.  That chalk paint is AWESOME!   I can’t wait to introduce it to all of ya’ll.

Here’s the in-between, waiting for all the paint to dry.

Love the paint – no fumes, no smell, and looks beautiful!


And here are some all blinged-up waiting for someone to buy and put into their home.

Rustic Glam

We’ve been playing with other stuff around here as well.   Come in and check it out and take it home!

unique creations and fun decorations

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