Saturdays in our Shop

We love Saturdays in our shop.   Mostly because we get to see our wonderful work-a-day clients and friends as they come in to see what’s new and stop to chat a while.   We love visiting with you all!  We also get to meet some new folks who’ve ventured in for the first time and love their reactions and comments.

Yes, Stafford DOES need a shop like ours.   It reminds me that though I see the shop everyday all the time, that it is new and unchartered territory for our community – and keeping it fresh with new treasures and seasonal products is a joy, as I cannot wait to show off our newest finds and when they sell, knowing they are going to a great home.   I model the shop after some of the places I’ve visited and mixed it all up to create Stafford’s own “old-town” style shop,  – and add to it my heart and soul – when people come in I hope they feel the warmth and welcoming environment I wanted to reflect – -not only through the shop, but through our staff as well.

the "old-town" feel is mixed in our collection of finds

the “old-town” feel is mixed in our collection of finds

We look for unique items as well as  quality products at different prices – so yes, some prices are high and some are very affordable.   Since most of our design work is done for homes in our community, I want to bring in quality items as well as show people that they do not have to purchase all high priced items to have a beautiful home!  Mixing furniture and art styles makes each home so very unique – so when you come to our shop, my hope is that you are inspired!

But wait, there’s more going on in our shop on Saturdays!   This is the day that we take time to teach.    Each Saturday I hold a one-on-one paint class.  I love showing other’s how they can so easily transform their furniture into something new!   I do it in a way so that they not only take the piece home and use it, but they leave with knowing how to transform furniture on their own, in their own home, rain or shine!

Miss Terri putting on the Satin Finish

Miss Terri putting on the Satin Finish

Another great class!

Another great class and happy client!

I say “rain or shine” because one of the most important reasons I chose the paint line we carry is because the furniture does not have to be carried outside.  Yup, that’s right – Ce Ce Caldwell’s paint is VOC free, which means it’s fume free.    AND if you are opposed to dust from distressing with sandpaper, this paint line is the ONLY chalk paint  which can be distressed using a damp rag or paper towel. Double Joy! 🙂

We also take time on Saturdays to work on our own projects.  We do welcome our guests to come back to our “workshop” area in the back to see what kinds of creations are coming to life while we are working on a project.  The area isn’t always clean and tidy – just sayin’ – but we often find ourselves chatting even more and getting inspired by the reactions from our visitors in the back.  Yes, I do teach all our staff how to do what I do, well, with the exception of using big tools like a mitre saw.  THAT we do at our garage-turned-workshop.    Teaching our team how to use the paints and get all creative helps them learn more, have fun at work, and help you with your projects too!

cabinet before

cabinet before

cabinet during it's transformation

cabinet during it’s transformation

adding details

adding details

betsy ross cabinet

Finished Cabinet!


Wouldn’t this be wonderful in a foyer or a guest room?


My goal for the shop is to grow it into a Stafford mainstay.  To outgrow our current space and offer more jobs and opportunities for our community.   Currently I am the only designer on board and keep a busy schedule outside of the shop.  Though I’ve tried,  I haven’t been able to find the right kind of person to add to the design team, hopefully one day he or she will come and we can provide more services for more of our home and business owners.   Right now I am training Miss Ami to do decorating and redesign, but woe is me, the gal’s hubby got orders to Colorado!   Fortunately for Miss Ami, she will be able to take her new found learning and add it to her awesome talent and create her own business, no matter where she goes 🙂

So, until I am able to create a clone or find more talented decorators/designers,  my focus is on growing the shop and your help is most welcome!  Each time you refer a friend or come and purchase items from us, you are helping make the shop grow and thrive!   Each time  you ask for a particular style or item, you help us know what else we can add to our collection of furniture, art and accessories.   Each time you come in to simply visit, you are bringing a smile to each one of us!

So come visit us often and bring your friends and families – we really love meeting the moms and dads who are in town for a visit, the kids coming home for Spring Break,  or your co-workers and spouses!   Stop a while and have a co-cola on us,  put on an apron and play with some of our paints, or simply be inspired by our ever-changing shop.   If you cannot come each week, please “Like Us” on Facebook that is the place where I show off recent projects, brag on the creativity of our clients, and share the events and sales we have going on in our shop.


adding unique items often

adding unique items as often as we can!


Come visit us soon! 


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