FUNdraising Events

We absolutely enjoy helping local schools, churches and non-profit organizations raise funds for their cause, ESPECIALLY since the requests come from regular customers and patrons of our shop – you help us, so in turn, we want to help you raise funds for your cause!

School, Church  and Organization fundraisers.    If you are raising funds for a specific event or group, we will collaborate on selecting a date for the fundraiser in our shop.   Generally we donate a percentage of our net sales to the organization.  Net sales equals the amount of total sales minus taxes.

For 100-1500 in net sales, we donate 10%

For 1501-3000 in net sales, we donate 15%

For 3001-5000 or more, we donate 20%

The organization is responsible for generating advertising within their community.  Flyers, marquee signs, Facebook, email notifications to staff and parents/patrons are great ways to get more people to participate in the fundraiser.  We also  do our part to advertise the fundraisers through e-Marketing methods (facebook, newsletters) and on signs within our shop.

The more people who come in, the greater amount of funds your organization will receive.      If we know in advance (generally four weeks) we will special order items specific to the organization.   (Teachers Gifts, artwork/signs, decorative items, seasonal decor and kid-friendly products).

TIMING is critical – October through December we do get a lot of customers into our shop.   We also order “Teacher Appreciation” items any time we know we are doing a school fundraiser.  Spring and Summer (Easter, 4th of July) we special order decor tems for those holidays as well.

The organizer of the school and church fundraisers will want to meet with us at least four weeks in advance so we can get extra items as well as executing joint advertising efforts.

If you would like us to help you raise funds for your organization, call us, come in our shop or email us at



Auctions/Silent Auctions  or Gift items for Giveaway Prizes – if you are looking for an item to use to help raise funds through auctions or gift prizes, we will donate an item or a Gift Certificate in incremental amounts, depending on what your needs are.   These Gift Certificates are good towards services we offer – for example: design consultations, virtual designs,  or upcycling a piece of furniture.


Consultations normally cost a client $95 per hour, so this is a great, low level auction item.

Virtual Design services generally cost $50 per style sheet.   This is a great “give away” or auction item as well.

Upcycling furniture – this is a service we provide in which we paint or stain a piece of furniture.  The value depends on the size of the furniture and we will specify the size we are willing to donate towards the fundraising efforts (i.e.  a Gift Certificate for Upcycling a chest of drawers, valued at $400)

Products – in some instances we may have an item we can donate towards the fundraiser, such as artwork, floral arrangement, decorative piece, or furniture.



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