Our Classes and Workshops

 We LOVE to have fun in our shop! Whether you want to attend a one-on-one furniture paint class, have a  day or night out with friends, or even host a “Team Building” event, we develop unique or inspired topics to teach and share!

Ideas for our classes are updated on our Facebook page.  In most cases, payment for the classes are due the day of the class, we just ask for a confirmation of attendance in order to make sure we have enough seating, refreshments and supplies.

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Private Classes

If you are interested in having a private class, come in our shop, give us a call at (540) 628-0819, or send a request by emailing us at  info@simplybeautifulspaces.com.    We can create a class topic specifically for your group or teach a class based upon your ideas.   The cost of private class is determined by the cost of supplies and the amount of time to host a private class.   If you have a fixed budget, we can offer variations to help meet your budget.

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One-On-One Paint Tutorials

One-On-One tutorials are for those who want to learn how to refinish or use chalk-based paints with piece of your own furniture.   The general rule of thumb is that if you can carry it into the shop, we will teach you how to refinish it using our paints, stains, or waxes.    These classes allow you to learn how easy it is to make a dramatic change to a piece of furniture and hopefully gives you the confidence to take on larger pieces at home.

Since we charge by the hour, we recommend a small piece of furniture to learn on – but a piece that you will use in your home so that you have a “new” addition to your decor.      Examples are side tables, shelves, step stools, small cabinets or chairs.    You can save time if you prep the piece by removing hardware and taping glass before you bring it to our shop.    Since our paints are so easy to use and adhere to almost any surface, sanding or priming the piece is not necessary.

If you wish to have a One-On-One session with us,  call our shop at (540)628-0819, email us at info@simplybeautifulspaces.com,  or come in to find out more and be added to the schedule.    We do these one-on-one sessions on Fridays and Saturdays.

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Can you bring a friend or family member?  Absolutely!   If another piece of furniture is brought in, we simply add a pro-rated cost to cover the additional cost of materials and supplies.  Basic cost is $50 per hour and includes the paints and supplies.   For those who want to bring a friend and an additional piece, the pro-rated cost is an additional $25 per hour.

Girl’s Day Out

Actually, you could call it anything, but the idea of a gathering with a group of friends is to have FUN!   You pick the project, the date and the time, we do the rest!


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The info below covers all the benefits of scheduling a Girl’s Day (or Night) Out!  Email us at info@simplybeautifulspaces.com to get started!


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