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Let’s travel!

There are so many great ideas out in the world and I’ve always wanted to do some sort of “luggage” themed makeover, but coming across the right piece of furniture was a long time waiting. During the summer, I put it out that I wanted something to paint. Boy did I get some responses! After finishing custom painted pieces for beloved clients, I was finally able to get donated pieces from a friend. We picked up the two nightstands and a dresser months ago, and after drawing a couple of designs and contemplating how I wanted to tackle this fun project, we finally set out to do it.

The Writing Desk

Sometimes I like to play with old furniture and give it a new look.  A woman in Fredericksburg had an old writing desk she wanted re-done for her home, and of course, I love up-cycling!   I took the desk home and worked on it, wanting to give it a charming, yet old appearance.  …