Virtual Design

Have you ever wished you could reach out to a designer and get exactly what you need without leaving the comfort of your home?    We can accommodate those needs by providing virtual designs.   Virtual designs are typically done when we want to show our clients different recommendations for their space after having met them in their home.

Sometimes, however, we have clients who need to see the possibilities and they live far away or are great at doing their own projects, they just need a little bit of help.   We help them get started on their Do-It-Yourself projects by putting together a virtual design.

Virtual designs are services we provide to our clients, no matter where they live!   In doing a virtual design, depending on the client’s needs, we begin with renderings and the cost of virtual designs/renderings, vary.

How to get started

Send an email to  with photos of the space in need of help,  include room dimensions, ceiling height and window measurements and let us know what you hope to accomplish, whether it’s color recommendations for painting the space or decorating it.   The best photos are those that are wide angle shots, with the walls, floor and ceiling in the photo.




Photo renderings of a room is where we use a photograph of that room and alter with products – decorating the room with curtains, furnishings and decor.    If the client wants a specific product and wants to see what it will look like in a particular space, we’ll ask for room dimensions and product dimensions.  Cost of a photo rendering of your space is  $50 -70 per sheet.   Average number of photo renderings is one per room.


Bedroom before


Rendering of Bedroom

Bedroom After

Bedroom After

Painting a room

We can “paint” a room with recommended or specific colors.   This requires photos of the room and the photos should include adjacent rooms in order to see how the color will flow through the spaces.   Cost of “painting” your space is  $50-70 per sheet.   Average number of “painted room” renderings are two. 


Family Room before


Painted rendering


Family Room after

Room layouts/floorplans

We offer floor plan layouts to help the client visualize the placement of furnishings and accessories.   The floorplans are not meant to be used for contracted work or architectural drawings for permits.   They are a way for a client to see how furniture can be placed within the space and we can offer as many variations as is possible given the size of the room and the furnishings.  Cost of layout/floorplans  is $50 per sheet.   Average number of layout sheets is two. 

floor-plan example

Resourcing products

Resourcing products is very much like having your own personal shopper.  If a client needs artwork, furnishings, accessories, rugs or other items, we are able to “draw” those into designs and give the client a list of those products and where they can be purchased.    Cost of resourcing products is $25 per hour.  Average time spent resourcing products is about 1.5 hours per room.

product-recommendations2 product-recommendations

Kitchen designs

Kitchen renderings are more time consuming and involve detailed measurements as well as resourcing product samples such as tile, granite, flooring, cabinet and appliances.   We come out to your home to measure the space and get a better idea of what design ideas you hope to accomplish.  To come out costs 150 and renderings are 125-175 per sheet.   Product samples mailed to your home cost 25-75.



Kitchen before




kitchen after





























If you have a room or space and need our help but do not have time or resources to have us come out and do the project for you, then a Virtual Design is a perfect solution.    To find out more, you can email us at    We will communicate through emails to complete your request and you will be asked to provide photos, dimensions, and tell us a bit more about what you would like to accomplish for that space.

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