We love our customers and we love helping make homes beautiful.  We offer Color Consultations, Design Consultation, Interior Decorating, and Virtual Designs.  To schedule - send an email to, visit our shop, or call us at 540-628-0819

Color consultations.  We pick colors for the interior of your home - they flow, they highlight and they make you happy.     Price is  95 per hour (115 on weekends or after 4 p.m.).  You'll want us in your home between the hours of 11 and 2  - that's when the natural lighting is best.  

 Our recommended painting company is Medias Painting.  We have worked with them for over a decade and the quality of work, as well as the price, is perfect.   They are true professionals!  

Design consultations.     Are you just needing a little bit of encouragement to help you overcome your design mind block?  We can help!   We can draft up plans, give you on-the-spot-ideas, or start you with your very own DIY directions (it's full of great inspiration and "where to buy" for your own home).   95 per hour, (115 on weekends or after 4 p.m.) 

Interior decorating.    We use your furniture and decor first.  We take what you have, add a few new pieces and make your room beautiful.    395 per room.   

Virtual Design.    Send us a photo of your room and a short description of what you want help with.  We'll ask a few questions and then send you back a photo and/or layout of your beautiful room, some instructions and a list of what to buy, where to buy.    50-70 per design page. 


To schedule - send an email to, visit our shop, or call us at 540-628-0819